Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2Toms Sport Shield for HER! Roll On Review

I have two vivid memories from the first time I watched a marathon, which was in the mid nineties, long before I became a runner. I was at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, working for a marketing company that had me handing out flyers at the marathon. I had no interest in running of any kind, and no concept of running 26.2 miles. 

I placed myself close to the finish line figuring I could hand out my flyers to people as they finished running, and before I knew it I became entranced by the runners passing by. People of all ages, shapes and sizes were approaching the finish line, and I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world they had been able to run that far. Why did they want to work that hard to accomplish something like this? What was it doing to their bodies?

I remember an overwhelming feeling of emotion, of pride and amazement for these running strangers. I stuffed the flyers into my pocket and started clapping and cheering for every runner. I cried that day, for the runners, and also for myself for not being able to even conceptualize the feat that these runners had undertaken. What had compelled them, both physically and mentally to get to that point, 26 miles, on foot to achieve something that felt impossible to me? I was so proud of every one of them, crying and laughing and feeling joy about something I didn’t even understand. The memory is so vivid, even all these years later, that I can recall it in an instant. 

My other incredibly vivid memory from that day is of bloody nipples.

I remember seeing runners come by with bloodstains on the fronts of their shirts, nipples bleeding from 26 miles of chafing, and that memory, even if you have not felt it yourself, is one you cannot forget. 

Before this story becomes too horrifying, I’ll tell you that I also remember seeing a funny guy dressed in full costume as Uncle Sam, “running” on stilts, and Big Bird from Sesame Street came running by as well. Neither seemed to be suffering from bloody nipples (but who knows what was going on under those costumes).

See? Even distractive thoughts of funny costumes and birds running marathons can’t make you stop thinking about bloody nipples, right? I know. Because years later when I started running, I would recall that day at Marine Corps, and think, no, no, no. No matter how much I love to run, I must do whatever it takes to make sure I never suffer from bloody nipples.

So, now that you’re here in TMI-ville, grab a comfortable seat and a drink and I will further entertain you with the unnecessary little piece of information that, once I started running I would faithfully apply bandages to ensure the avoidance of bloody nipples.  And the one time I forgot them, for my first Half Marathon, I regretted it sorely. You know that post run shower and how good it feels until OHMYFUCK the hot water hits a chafe spot? Yes. I did not forget the bandages again. Over the years I became a bandage machine. I would strategically place them all over my body where I thought I might possibly get a hot spot. I looked like a neon clad Frankenstein.

Recently though, I met the people at a company called 2Toms. I was the lucky recipient of samples of their products they were offering through a group called RunChat on Twitter. 2Toms makes products that prevent blisters and chafing. So, wow! I have to tell you, using a powder or a liquid to prevent blisters and chafing is a lot easier than sticking (and unsticking, ouch) preventive  bandages all over your body. A few months later, when 2Toms said they needed product testers, I raised my hand and volunteered.

The first product I received was 2Toms Sport Shield for HER! Roll On. This product is specifically for women, but guys, keep please reading as well, and I promise I’ll try to work in another nipple reference or two.

Let me just say up front, the product is genius.

I LOVE IT. I can effortlessly roll it wherever I need to. It feels great. The effectiveness is 100%. I tested it on many runs under various types of clothing. One of the spots on my foot where I tested it was on a hot spot that a particular pair of shoes had been giving me and it was the cure. I tried it on my quads where my shorts end and under my arms where the underside of my skin hits my shirt as well.

I was really happy to see that it didn’t leave a residue on any of my clothing and though it feels silky and smooth on the skin, it’s not greasy at all. Once it’s applied, you don’t even notice that its there. You can use it everywhere, and I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear, it does a perfect job protecting nipples! It’s a great size to use at home before a run or to tuck into a race pack or drop bag. 

By the way, 2Toms makes Sport Shield Roll On for guys too.  The difference is that the “for HER! Roll On” has added calendula, Shea butter and green tea extract - which I think are lovely for both men and women, so if you guys are interested, try the ladies product as well! And likewise, ladies, you are more than welcome to try the original Sport Shield Roll On. Seriously, why not get one of each and switch back and forth? You can't go wrong, because 2Toms offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Before I end this 2Toms infomercial, I’ll add that Sports Shield comes in individually packaged towelettes as well, which are easy to stick in the pocket of your running shorts in case you feel a hot spot during a long run.  You can open the towelette, slide the end out and swipe it onto your skin, then tuck the towelette back into the package to use again later.

I had no idea while watching the Marine Corps Marathon all those years ago, that I would one day become a runner. I would finish 2 marathons of my own. I would feel that overwhelming sense of physical achievement and hard work paying off for myself the way I had felt it for those other runners that day.

I had no idea that the full circle of the bloody nipples would culminate in a blog entry that mentions them this many times, and that mine would be prevented by a product that a cool company entrusted me to test and share my opinion about. So, here’s to chafing and what it can do for you! May you feel emotions about the achievements of others, may that lead to your own achievements and may all of  your hot spots be always protected. 

2Toms is on Twitter, right here.
And I'm on Twitter too, right over here.


  1. Even though I'm pretty sure I'll never wipe the bloody nipplethon from my memory, this is my fave blog entry yet. Be sure to bring your stash of 2Toms on our next race.

    1. Thank you! I will for sure, and let's make sure it's not too long before we race together again!

  2. I could have use 2Toms at Marine Corps last year-- my cool Matchbox fire breathing arm warmers caused some real chafing...ugh!!

  3. Replies
    1. It really is so great. It's an invisible barrier of awesomeness!

  4. These products sound amazing!

    1. I think they are! I've been a huge fan of all 2Toms products since I first tried SportShield!