Thursday, March 24, 2016

2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent Review

You know when you first get married and everything is all wedded bliss and like, we do everything together and this is so romantic and your husband even washes and dries the laundry for you and then he washes and dries your bag of dry cleaning?  After that, Jeff and I started doing our own laundry. 

It felt weird at first. Cause you know, we're a couple and we do coupley things. Together. Like eating popcorn at the movies. I’m a secret fan of the Butter-Like-Substance on Movie Theatre Popcorn. Jeff is not. But rather than each getting our own popcorn, we always share. Because we’re a couple and we do coupley things. Together.

But we do not do each other’s laundry any more. No, no, no, because work clothing that is supposed to be dry-cleaned doesn’t do well in the washing machine nor does it survive the dryer. 

Here’s how Jeff does laundry:

1. Grab all clothing and stick it into washer, wash it all together with towels.

2. Put everything into the dryer, but on cool setting so everything comes out wrinkly.

3. Fold at some point or maybe not.

Here’s how I do laundry:

1. Make piles of darks, lights, delicates, running clothes, towels.

2. Wash each pile separately with hot or cold water depending on the type of items.

3. Hang dry 90% of items.

4. Smooth and fold items when dry.

5. Dry towels, jeans and socks in the dryer on hot setting.

6. Fold while warm.

I won't argue that my method is superior, because honestly Jeff looks a lot better than I do most days. Clearly his clothes are not suffering by being washed together and dried in the dryer on cool air and maybe not having been folded and put back into the correct drawer. But I like my method. It’s a meditation of sorts.

The other issue is that Jeff likes to wash his clothing with unscented detergent. I’m more of a Clean Breeze scent kind of girl. I even have one of those “fresh laundry” candles. Fresh laundry should smell clean! Like a candle! So we each do our own laundry.

Recently my friends at 2Toms sent me some Stink Free Sports Detergent to try, which I was pretty excited about, so I grabbed my pile of running and cycling clothes and got to work. My first thought was one of minor concern. The Stink Free Sports Detergent, which by the way, promised to remove all odors and stains thankyouverymuch, didn’t really have a scent. Hmmm. Clean laundry is supposed to smell clean! Like a candle! But I figured I would give it a try anyway, mostly because, well, it was sent to me to do so, and I happen to love all of the other 2Toms products I have used before. 

So, you’re dying to hear what happened right? Is this the best laundry story you’ve read today or what?! Let me tell you first, my running clothes are DISGUSTING. I am a totally gross sweaty girl. I may shower up alright, but after a run or a bike ride I am like, ugh, gross. So I was thinking, this Stink Free Sports Detergent had better have some kind of miracle ingredient in it. 

You guys? It totally DOES! 

The first thing I noticed after the wash cycle was, even though the detergent itself didn’t really have a scent to it, my running clothes smelled REALLY LOVELY. Like, really fresh and clean. Like they had been ionized or something. I’m not sure what ionization really even is but my clothes smelled super amazingly clean. And I immediately thought, this fresh and clean but not really scented thing is so much better for running clothes because when I wear them again and start to sweat, I won’t smell like a sweaty fake clean breeze, I’ll just be sweaty me! And that’s a lot better really when you think about it.

I hung everything to dry except my running socks which I popped into the dryer, and waited for the final results. Which were fabulous. Everything dried perfectly. Clean, folded running laundry is such a nice thing! It really beats dirty running laundry in a big huge way.

Another cool thing about 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent is that you don’t need a washing machine to get your running clothes clean. 2Toms made it so the detergent works just great without an agitator, and you can buy it in packets so you can wash your running clothes when you’re traveling, right in the sink of your hotel room or at camp or wherever you’re staying. This was a game changer for me on a recent 17-day trip where I normally would have brought several changes of running clothes and…gross girl alert (!!!) I would have worn them over and over all supergross and grossly gross. 

I packed 2 sets of running clothes for 17 days. 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent saved me from having to over pack, and saved the world (or at least most of California) from being exposed to me running in dirty running clothes. For this, 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent deserves the Nobel Prize or at least a Pulitzer or a commendation from President Obama or the Dalai Lama. 

Amazingly clean and fresh smelling running clothes thanks to 2Toms. 

So my advice to you is, share the popcorn, even if you have to give up the Butter-Like-Substance, but do your own laundry.

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  1. Love this!! We switched to Seventh Generation Free & Clear and it surprisingly does a great job. I need to try the 2 Toms!

    1. Dana, I will send you a sample of the 2Toms soon. I think you'll love it!