Monday, April 11, 2016

Beat the Bride 10k

It was only a few hours before the Rehearsal Dinner and Pam was nervous. She had been getting ready for this day for months and now it was time to shine. No need to get nervous, she thought. It’s going to be just like I planned. The weather was right, the guests were gathering and it was going to all go off on time.

We were all toeing the line at the Beat the Bride 10k and Pam was doubling as Race Director and Bride to Be. And right now, she was ready to race. Sure, her wedding itself lay ahead a mere 24 hours from now, but first it was time to run.

Race Director and Bride-to-Be, Pammy P. 

Who plans a race as the kickoff to a Wedding Weekend that would include a gorgeous rehearsal dinner followed by an after party bonfire by the lake, (with a popcorn bar!), dozens of guests staying over in her family’s historic Inn that was the site of all of the events, culminating in an outdoor wedding with a reception that will forever remain one of the best parties ever in all the guests hearts?  

Our friends Pam and Gabe decided to plan the race to begin the weekend, to celebrate their shared love of running. They’re the quintessential work-hard-play-hard couple and they enjoy life at 110% in everything they do. It only made sense that we’d be racing a 10k and then racing to get ready for a cocktail party.

The Groom and me, at the race start.

First though Jeff and I were racing to the Inn. We thought we’d left DC in time but we knew it was going to be close. The drive took a few hours and there were just a few minutes to throw on running clothes and get to the race start. Jeff wasn’t running. He doesn’t run. “Hey, you know what would be funny?” he commented. “Huh?” I asked, half listening. I was trying to quickly change.  “If I put on running clothes and tell Gabe I have been training and that I’m going to kick his ass.” “Haha, Gabe IS competitive. He definitely wants to win this race. And he’s the groom – he kinda should, right?” I laughed. “Can I borrow some running shorts?” Jeff asked. “Huh?” Before I could even finish changing Jeff had put on a pair of my running shorts, paring it with some amazing purple wrist bands and, well, who knows why he had them with him, but he did and they worked. “I’ll just run the race too. I mean, otherwise I’m just going to have to sit around and wait for you guys.” This would go on to be a theme for him at future races, but right now I was slightly incredulous. “You’re going to run 6 miles? With us in the race right now?” “Yeah. Why not?” “Um, well, there are a lot of reasons why not, but let’s just go – we’re late.”  

We gathered at the start, Jeff told Gabe that his sure-thing win was in jeopardy, and off went the gun – we only had a 10k between us and the Rehearsal Dinner.

The race was flat and fast, slightly exposed in the spring sun and I ran with Jeff for awhile and then Gabe’s sister, talking about the weekend ahead and how much we love Gabe and Pam and wondering if Jeff was going to be able to dance at the wedding. The finish was down a gorgeous lane leading back to the Inn and we had just enough time to catch our breath before we saw Jeff running toward us, hair flying in the breeze.

Serious styling and running capabilities that he pulled out of...where? 

Jeff approaches the finish at Beat the Bride 10k

Pam and Gabe did win. It was their wedding after all. 

Bride and Groom 10k winners!

But we all received medals. And Jeff proceeded to wear his all weekend. 

Post Race, showing off our medals 

And later we danced and danced and celebrated the race and the wedding and life.  

Rehearsal Dinner. Still wearing the medal.

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