Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Medi-Dyne RangeRoller Review: Welcome to My Torture Chamber

It's no coincidence that there are so many running sayings that involve, well, pain. Running is tough and along with the benefits like health and fitness and fun comes fatigue and sometimes, pain. 

No pain no gain
Pain is only temporary
Pain is weakness leaving the body
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
Fuck this pain where's my beer? 

Ok, I made up the last one, and you can add your favorite pain related running slogan in the comments section (seriously if you add one in the comments I will love you forever. All I want in life is to have regular commentary on my blog. And faster race times. And chocolate gelato from Italy. And a lot more, actually but comment anyway, yeah? Am I begging here?). What was I saying? Oh right, really, there's a way to decrease aches and pains in your muscles and speed recovery and it really it's amazing if you can just 

suffer through the torture

We runners are something aren't we? We relieve pain with torture. May I have a side of psychiatric care with that post long run serving of torture, please? You know what I'm talking about. All runners are familiar with the Implements of Torture. 

These my friends, are very very very awful and terrible things that make you feel very good after you suffer a bit

Ok, the one on the left is a yoga block that I sometimes use after the torture sessions but the others are: Orange Knobby Foam Roller of Death, White PVC Pipe Roller from Hell, Regular Foam Roller for Wimps and The Stick.

Are you saying I'm the only one who names my Implements of Torture? Maybe I do need psychiatric care. And by the way The Stick came with its name. 

For those of you who aren't runners but are somehow still reading (thank you Mom) and want to know, why do we use foam rollers and sticks? They help immensely to remove lactic acid and to loosen the fascia that surrounds muscles. Lactic Acid removal and mobility of the fascia is really important because of the blah di blah - just read here and know that if it wasn't really imperative to running health we wouldn't do it. It hurts that much. 

So if you're a runner or if you clicked on the above you will know/see that using a foam roller also takes acrobatics because you have to actually roll yourself from above, along the foam roller, supporting yourself with your weak ass runner arms while you're tired and really just wanting to drink a recovery beer. 

This is why I prefer a stick. With a stick you roll it over your muscles instead of having to um, ride it like the way you do a foam roller, and you choose the level of pressure versus the way your entire body weight crushes the living daylights out of your muscles on a foam roller. Awhile ago I switched to a stick and was using it quite happily (ok, totally ouchingly because it also hurts) when my friends at Medi-Dyne sent me RangeRoller

Behold RangeRoller! 

First of all, let's just say right now, RangeRoller has a way better name than The Stick. RangeRoller - you can say it outloud, say it now, shout it - it's cool! RANGEROLLER! RangeRoller is genius. It comes in 3 sizes so you can choose the best one for your needs. The smallest size is sleek and compact and yet has the same functionality of larger sticks. Mine is black, white and navy and they come in 12 colors. You can get a red one and name it Raging Red RangeRoller or something like that. Maybe you can think of a better name. 

RangeRoller versus The Stick. RangeRoller is way more compact and offers access to more points on your body.

After using RangeRoller after several runs with complete success and happy muscles, I handed my RangeRoller to my friend Matthew who has run a few races and I asked him what he thought. He didn't say anything at first, probably because I was talking non stop about how awesome RangeRoller is, but he immediately began to use RangeRoller on his quads and calves and after awhile I had to interrupt myself to interrupt him using it so I could get it back. "I need that RangeRoller for my review," I said and he replied, "Where do I get one of those?" I think it's safe to say his review is positive. I also asked my husband Jeff to review RangeRoller. He's a massage therapist and a yoga teacher. He took it, looked at it, shook it (if you're ever in need, it doubles as maracas), used it on his quad and shoulders and said, "Yeah, this is really good. I'm better, but I charge $115 for an hour massage." So I think it's safe to say that you will save a lot of money using Range Roller.  

Each of the 3 RangeRollers comes with a different level of flexibility depending on your needs. Besides the cool name and kick ass rainbow of color choices, RangeRoller is better than other sticks because it has deep and narrow rollers that alternate with flat wider rollers so you can be sure to hit every spot. Ouch! And yes, thank you may I have some more?!

RangeRoller is cool, it's compact, it has soul and it's affordable. It does the job like a champ.  What more do you want in a post run torture fest? It may just become your best friend. Buy one or all three in your favorite colors and you'll be really happy.  After you use it. Cause during it's kind of a hurts so good situation. But we're on the same page about that right? 

Thanks for letting me torture you with another blog entry.

Medi-Dyne makes a lot of amazing products and they're on twitter here.

I'm on twitter too, right here.

And if you want to supplement your Range Roller usage with an amazing massage, Jeff is at



  1. To give you an idea of how unfamiliar I am with running as hobby/sport, when I first saw the picture of the "terrible things" I thought they were makeup applicators and a roller for curling hair. Never would have guessed they were instruments of torture :-)
    p.s. from Cathy L.

    1. HAHA! That is so hilarious Cathy! Love it! Thanks for reading!

  2. RANGEROLLER!! lol, I can hear you shouting that. I love foam rolling and stretching after any kind of workout. I just need to take the time to do it!

    1. I think we all forget to take time for the recovery stuff - but when we do it is so so great!

  3. Awesome, I am so afraid of most of these it is a love hate, hurt/relief relationship for sure ;) While I do run to keep the crazies away I do hate some of the pain afterwards.

    I think I may have to get my Rangeroller on!!! :D

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You should try one Kristi! It really makes such a difference!

  4. You missed your calling. You should have been a ------- hairdresser. Oops! I mean a writer!

    1. I'll always be your personal hair dresser Mother Dear! :)

  5. i tried my sister's knobby roller of death. i'd definitely like the stick better. i dunno if i'm coordinated enough to balance myself on something like that while causing myself so much pain. ;)

    1. Haha, right Kevin?! There's no reason to add acrobatics to the mix!

  6. Your missing a torture device! I mostly use a striated roller, which digs into hip flexors, and all. But, I may have to look into this RangeRoller thinga-ma-jig

    Safe travels, my friends!
    B Riley

  7. Brian, that thing looks terrifying! You are a brave one! :)